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Diversity Policy

Turner Hargreaves is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity in employment.  We oppose all forms of discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, colour, religion, creed, citizenship, age, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, medical condition or disability.

These principles apply to recruitment, promotion, pay and benefits and all other terms and conditions of employment.   Turner Hargreaves’ recruitment policy is based solely on the necessary and justifiable job requirements and the applicants’ ability and fitness for the position.

Turner Hargreaves’ equal opportunities policy encompasses people with disabilities.  Wherever possible, applicants with disabilities will be considered, without reference to their disabilities, when applying for jobs and as far as is reasonably possible, the workplace will be adapted for the needs of employees with disabilities.

Discrimination of any nature will be regarded as misconduct and will be treated as a disciplinary matter under Turner Hargreaves disciplinary procedure.