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We have helped many people across many industries find new and exciting careers. Here’s what a few of them have to say about working with Turner Hargreaves…
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  • Sue Lim
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    ​Lynne has been monumental in helping me build a robust career. She placed me in a role that has contributed vastly to my professional and personal growth. I commend Lynne on her professional approach to securing roles for her candidates which is always coupled with a personal touch to ensure best fit. Even though I have since moved on from that role, I will periodically have catch ups with Lynne to discuss my career options and she always ensures she is available to impart her experience and in depth knowledge in the industry

    Sue Lim

    Financial Accountant

  • Robert Kocsis
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    ​A couple of months ago a friend of mine came up with a literally “mission: impossible” sort of idea to get me in a very well known German company owned by a UK based Private Equity firm. True to the proverb “Everybody is but five phone calls away from the President of the USA.” I had Lynne on the phone after the second call. We immediately got on like a house on fire and – believe it or not: She made “mission: impossible” possible! I met the COO of the PE and got into the German company as well. – As a result, I have formed a trusted business relationship with Lynne and would highly recommend her as a highly professional Search & Selection Consultant.

    Robert Kocsis

    General Manager , Duropack-Strarpack Kft

  • Manjola Havaraj
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    Lynne helped me to secure a very good job within a top ten asset manager in the city. She stands out in such a competitive market by bringing special care to each candidate. I was perfectly accompanied in every step of the recruitment process which was determinant to the final outcome. I would be very glad to work with Lynne again in the future.

    Manjola Havaraj

    Assistant Portfolio Manager

  • Angela Wells Co
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    Lynne is the consummate professional and a rare gem in recruitment today. There are not many recruitment agencies that provide a personal and professional approach in the way that Lynne does. Lynne is practical, down to earth and encouraging through every step of the recruitment process in a way I’ve not experienced elsewhere in the industry. Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to helping candidates nail the job interview and ultimately the job. I highly recommend Lynne and the service she provides and wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again.

    Angela Wells Co

    Founder , NLP Conference India

  • Yvette Musika
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    Lynne helped me secure my current role. From my initial contact with her, she has been warm and friendly, taking me through each step of the recruitment process while giving me helpful tips and advice. Lynne provided me with resources that helped me gain a deeper understanding of the role and the company, which made me feel prepared for the interviews. She has gone above and beyond, making sure I have settled in well by regularly checking up on me. It has been a pleasure working with Lynne and I would definitely recommend her services.

    Yvette Musika

    Audit Senior , KPMG Luxembourg

  • Shanice Asare ACCA
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    ​I would highly recommend Lynne’s services. Lynne is someone that will always consider what is best for her client and not just what is best for business. She is extremely dedicated to helping others and the aftercare she provides after she has placed a candidate is unmatched. I will always value Lynne’s advice and will continue to use her services in the foreseeable future.

    Shanice Asare ACCA

    Senior Finance Business Partner , GAM Investments

  • Bhavik
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    ​Lynne is one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with.  She has many years of experience and knows the financial services sector very well.  She is approachable, with excellent communication skills and keeps up to date with market trends.Lynne assisted me in securing the role, and provided all the tools necessary for me to give a strong interview performance.  I would love to work with her again.


    Business Analyst

  • Giancarlo D'Elia
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    ​Having dealt with many different recruitment agencies over the years, I have found Lynne to be one of the best recruiters that I have so far encountered. She certainly knows her stuff! Her wealth of experience in this line of work shines through naturally, for example: approaching me at exactly a time when I was looking for my next role about a very suitable opportunity appropriate to my experience; and advising me how to conduct myself with other recruiters who were showing me other roles at the same time without making me feel overly pressured to go for her role. I remember her even saying she was confident that I would really like her opportunity (of course, those wise words turned out to be v accurate in the end)! I have found her very professional, polite, fair, approachable, good at listening, and she differentiates herself from other agencies by adding a personal touch. From initially approaching me to receiving a verbal offer, the process took only a few days, and I was regularly kept up-to-date along the way. Even after starting in the position, Lynne still stayed in touch. From my experience as a whole, if Lynne ever reaches out to you about an opportunity, I personally would recommend you to seriously consider it.

    Giancarlo D'Elia

    Fixed Income Trade Assistant & Operations

  • Mauricio Garcia
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    ​Lynne is an excellent recruiter and working with her was a real pleasure from the very first email / conversation. She has shown a genuine interest in helping me get a job that was right for me, one that would be a good fit in terms of experience to date and my overall career goals for the future.In my dealing with Lynne I immediately noticed that she was unlike most other recruiters I’ve come across – she not only has many years’ experience in recruitment but a real ability of analysing one’s CV and understanding their experience / skills they have to offer. This combined with her professionalism, impeccable manners in communicating with her clients (both candidates and hiring managers) and kind and friendly personality made what could often be a stressful process a very pleasant experience.I very much appreciated Lynne keeping me informed along the way and getting in touch between the different stages even if to say hello and chat briefly about how I was doing and when she was expecting to hear back with some feedback. I would highly recommend Lynne to any firms looking to bring in talented candidates as well as anyone looking for a new role and a pleasant experience during the process.

    Mauricio Garcia

    Investment Guidelines Officer , AXA Investment Managers

  • Linjuan Wu
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    ​I would like to recommend Lynne Hargreaves as a  highly professional headhunter within her specialist field, who provides a high quality service and sound and practical advice, based on her solid career within the fields of recruitment and HR.    Lynne was instrumental to my success in  securing a new role, and she not only provided an excellent service (honest career advice and confidence boosting pre-interview coaching), but was always on hand to offer ongoing  guidance/coaching, enabling me to give a strong interview performance.  

    Linjuan Wu

    Reporting Accountant , Rabobank

  • Daniel Trigueros Moreno
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    ​I have had the pleasure of having worked with Lynne in a delicate and important stage of my life. I came to London few months ago to have a work experience abroad. I knew it wasn't going to be easy as I came from another country with another language and customs.I met Lynne through my girlfriend and the first contact was enough to realise that I was in good hands to find a job a London or at least to bring me the opportunity to get it. The same day that we were talking about my experience, just few hours later she got me an interview for a very good role.Until last minute, she was mentoring me really well, giving me some good advice and always available to talk in order to prepare me the best way possible.Even though I didn't get that job in the end, her mentoring was key to get another job just few days later. I'm completely sure that if it had not been for her, I wouldn't have got a job so early.No one realises how important a job recruiter is until meeting the right person. In my case, Lynne.For all the above, I'm really grateful for having worked together in my job hunting and therefore I highly recommend her services.

    Daniel Trigueros Moreno

    Senior Associate , PwC

  • Satinder Judge
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    ​I have worked with Lynne for a number of years and she very quickly became my preferred agent for recruitment of staff. Lynne engages fully with her clients to gain a thorough understanding of the skills and qualities that her client is looking for in the recruit. Lynne has not only found the right candidates for me but continued to coach them for their ensured success which for me added value in excess of what any recruiter has ever provided or is expected to provide. Through Lynne, I have always received candidates who have not only wanted to perform well for their manager but also perform well out of respect for Lynne, as they have appreciated the continued time and support that Lynne invested in them and have used this coaching to their value and that of the business as they have remained interested and dedicated to the role.Lynne is very professional and can be relied upon to deliver on requirements, sometimes under very short timescales, to source suitable candidates. Lynne also has a very intuitive sixth sense which enables her to quickly assess the character of a person and this, combined with the skill-set provided, has often resulted in several suitable candidates being put forward to the business as Lynne has already carried out a rigorous filtering process.On a personal level, Lynne is very open and honest and a real pleasure to work with, and provides a valuable view on any subject related matter.

    Satinder Judge

    Global Change Analyst , BMO GAM

  • Riz Khan
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    ​I can't speak highly enough of Lynne. Lynne is extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Lynne helped me secure a role that I was very keen to take. Lynne thoroughly prepared me for the interview and provided me with detailed information regarding the role and organisation. Lynne is highly regarded within the industry and such a likable person. Lynne not only possesses a very good understanding of the roles, she also has very strong relationships with management and her candidates. She understands the importance of placing the right candidate in the right role. Her communications are always prompt and she is always easy to get hold of. I have been lucky enough to also work with a number of colleagues who were or are still clients of Lynne, and they all speak so highly of Lynne. In summary she is brilliant at her job and an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Riz Khan

    Senior Fixed Income Performance Analyst , AXA Investments

  • Jyoti V.
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    ​An EXCEPTIONAL person with specialist recruitment and HR skills who actually studies your CV/Profile thoroughly before approaching you. Highly professional and approachable, and an excellent leader in the finance recruitment field. Guides and coaches you personally. “Knows her stuff” and willing to part with information and knowledge in order to secure the best opportunity for you. I have been lucky to have her on my side and know I can trust and rely on her completely. I will work with her again and no doubt introduce her to candidates and organisations that are looking for a thorough PROFESSIONAL in her field of expertise.Lynne thank you for making my life so easy.

    Jyoti V.

    Financial Analyst

  • Muhsin (Mos) Somji
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    ​I was first introduced to Lynne as a candidate and was immediately very impressed by her attention to detail. Lynne strived hard to match my needs as a candidate to her clients. Although unsuccessful in securing me a position, from the numerous interviews she was able to secure, she demonstrated her attention in listening to what candidates AND clients wanted. It was this attention to listening and searching that drove me back to Lynne when I was at ebookers and wanted to revamp the finance function there. Lynne delivered numerous high calibre candidates consistently for each (very different) position we wanted to recruit for and really excelled on that project. Due to the calibre, decisions were often tough.Final outcome: 8 out of 11 positions within Finance over an 15 month period were filled by Lynne’s candidate! Excellent calibre of candidates with an excellent fit to the business! If you are thinking of giving Lynne a go, think no more – do it!

    Muhsin (Mos) Somji

    Chartered Accountant and Operations , Director

  • Nigel Carpenter
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    ​I have known Lynne Hargreaves for nearly 20 years and she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to senior financial recruitment.One of Lynne’s strengths is the ability to identify and most importantly match, the key criteria when recruiting for a client or indeed representing a candidate with their career goals.Her extensive market knowledge allows her to help and advise her clients / candidates in all aspects of the recruitment cycle, thereby avoiding unnecessary problems. This contributes to a cost effective and prompt solution for all parties. I am very happy to take this opportunity to recommend her services to you.

    Nigel Carpenter

    Owner , NSC Consulting

  • Paul Diffey
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    ​I would just like to say thank you for helping me find the perfect position with an extremely reputable company. From the offset you have been extremely helpful and your professionalism, efficiency and ability to understand a persons needs are superior. You have always kept me well informed and it was very reassuring to have regular contact and feedback. I would be more than happy to refer you to anyone looking for employment in the future.

    Paul Diffey

    Head of UK Asset Servicing Control , AXA Investment Managers

  • Andrew Chandra-Rajan
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    ​Lynne has been the most professional and experienced recruiter I have worked with. I received excellent interview preparation, constructive feedback and advice at each stage which gave me every opportunity and advantage to secure my ideal role. She stayed in regular contact, keeping me updated at all times. Lynne’s honesty and integrity are impeccable and I would highly recommend her.

    Andrew Chandra-Rajan

    Fund Analyst , AXA Investment Managers

  • Mark Pease
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    ​At a time when I found myself desperately disappointed and frustrated by the level of service provided by today’s recruitment consultants Lynne has shown herself to be a breath of fresh air. Always polite, always friendly and prepared to see the bigger picture. Throughout the entire process leading up to receiving my employment offer, Lynne provided excellent levels or support and guidance and made sure I was as prepared as I could be for all interviews.If I am ever asked to recommend a consultant, Lynne’s name will be the first on the list. I cannot speak highly enough.

    Mark Pease

    Global Middle Office Supervisor , Vanguard Asset Management

  • Jesse Koorey-Slow
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    ​Lynne has been a brilliant recruiter for me in London. Always honest, and hard working to get the placement I required. This in a world of bullsh*t recruiters. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone looking for work in and around London, and I wish that more recruiters held the same high standards of integrity that Lynne displays.

    Jesse Koorey-Slow

    Financial Professional , Trading Broking Dealing

  • Andrew Quinn
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    ​I found Lynne to be very professional, and she kept me in the loop at each stage of the process

    Andrew Quinn

    CFA, Senior Performance Analyst , AXA Investment Managers

  • Joel Marques
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    ​Lynne has been one of the most professional HR recruiter I have personally encountered. In uncertain economic conditions, finding a job is difficult, however, Lynne not only provided me a good insight into the prospective job role but also advised on how to give a successful interview.Appreciate all the hard work Lynne.

    Joel Marques

    Product Development Associate

  • Karim Gilani
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    ​I found Lynne as a one of the best recruiter so far due to her very professional and caring approach towards her candidates and clients!!During the recruitment process she kept me well informed at all stages and provided me with all the support needed for the interview and useful information about the employer. Usually, once you start the role, you would hardly hear from the consultant. However, Lynne was very good in this area too and was in regular touch with me to offer me any assistance needed until I was settled in the role.I feel very please to recommend Lynne as an excellent head-hunter!!

    Karim Gilani

    CGA, ACCA, Senior Financial Analyst

  • Adeel Hussain
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    Lynne is a role model to how recruitment agents should be, she provided the best service I can ask for, always in contact and was always there to take my call and give me advice. Lynne is very much on the ball with things and does get things done straight away. All I can say is if you want things to be done GO TO LYNNE!. Its been a pleasure Lynne

    Adeel Hussain

    Legal Cashier , Norton Rose Group

  • Chris Dowdall
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    Lynne has successfully helped place me in a position as a Fund Accountant within a global Real Estate Investment Manager commencing in August 2013. This is my first role out of practice and I had a particular niche industry and role that I wanted to pursue.When I first engaged contact with Lynne through to successful placement in this job, Lynne was prompt in her response and always devoted a significant amount of time inside and outside of the normal working week to answer any questions I had about the job specification and role with great detail.Lynne’s knowledge and many years of experience with the industry, company and others placed in the same team, was very impressive and I could therefore place trust in the recommendations and advice that Lynne gave to me.Lynne has been an excellent professional who is reliable and will personally ensure that you are given the relevant detail to the job you are applying for so that you can achieve successful results.I couldn’t recommend Lynne highly enough to anyone looking for a new venture.

    Chris Dowdall

    Audit Senior , PKF Littlejohn

  • Kosh Wagjiani
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    Lynne has worked with me both as a client to source candidates as well as having identified great opportunities for me in the market place at senior levels.Her depth of expertise within the recruitment field across a number of sectors and countries is second to none.Her work has always been carried out with a tremendous amount of integrity, professionalism and above all her great personality.These qualities encapsulate her ability to work effectively for both clients and candidates. In summary, a rare breed of headhunters whom I would recommend time after time

    Kosh Wagjiani

    Managing Director , K2 Advisory Services

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